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Funding of the Barangay

The majority of Barangay Bel-Air's funds come from the Real Property Tax (RPT) payments, while the sources of income include clearances, the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA), the Community Tax Certificate (CTC) payments and other miscellaneous sources (e.g. interest from investments, payment of IDs).

The share of Barangay Bel-Air from the RPT constitutes thirty percent (30%) of the barangay's real property taxes, half of which goes to Barangay Bel-Air while the other half is distributed equally among the other barangays in the city.

The share of all barangays in the IRA constitute twenty percent (20%,) and each barangay's share is allocated on the basis of the following formula: population - sixty percent (60%) and equal sharing - forty percent (40%).

Ten percent (10%) of the barangay's general fund goes to the Sangguniang Kabataan.

To prepare the barangay budget, the barangay treasurer submits to the Punong Barangay an estimate of the income and expenditures of the barangay. The Punong Barangay then prepares the barangay budget, which is then submitted to the Sangguniang Barangay for legislative enactment.

The Commission on Audit (COA) ensures that the barangay follows its regulations with regards to its accounts, such as:

- The barangay cannot appropriate public money or property for religious or private purposes.
- Funds shall be available exclusively for the specific purpose for which they have been appropriated. No ordinance shall be passed authorizing any transfer of appropriations from one item to another.
- No money shall be paid on account of any contract under which services have been rendered or goods delivered.
- No cach advance shall be granted to any local official or employee, elective or appointive, unless made in accordance with the rules and regulations as the COA may prescribe.

In accordance to the law, fifty-five percent (55%) of Barangay Bel-Air's funds is spent for administrative expenses, whole forty-five percent (45%) is allocated for supporting its projects, some of which include the following items:


- Installation and maintenance of street lights and payment of electrical consumption
- Asphalt overlay and maintenance of roads
- Repainting of traffic markers, curbs and gutters
- Construction of security outposts
- Upgrading and maintenance of gates
- Construction of traffic and parking signs
- Installation of pedestrian railings under the Sen. Gil Puyat flyover
- Installation of bollards to help the flow of traffic
- Rehabilitation, upgrading and maintenance of existing infrastructure (e.g. community center, basketball courts, perimeter walls)


- Zero waste management program
- Daily garbage collection
- Park and playground equipment and maintenance
- Planting and trimming of trees
- Landscaping and maintenance of trees and plants in the parks of Salcedo Village and Bel-Air Village
- Drainage improvement
- Daily street sweeping by maintenance personnel
- Signages

    - Paseo de Roxas and Orbit entrance gates
- Post Office

- Christmas lights and decorations of the whole village
- Giant Christmas Tree in Park III

  - Kabalikat sa Tahanan (KST) programs
- Annual Community Day fiesta
- Social Development Programs for domestic help and drivers
- Manpower Development programs and seminars
- Senior Citizens Dialogue and Forum and other similar activities
- Ladies of Bel-Air educational and cultural activities
- Lakbay Aral and other cultural and educational trips
- Seminar for Principals and Guidance Counselors of Makati public schools
- Support for Barangay Bel-Air Choir
- Gifts for less fortunate constituents
- Annual Belen sa Makati contests

- Bulilit and Binatilyo Inter-village basketball tournament
- Inter-Color basketball tournament
- Indoor Sportsfest
- Badminton and volleyball tournaments
- Dual Sports Meet with other barangays
- Basketball and other sports clinics
- Arts and Craft Clinic
- Easter Egg Hunt
- Halloween Trick or Treat
- Physical fitness programs
- Outreach programs


- Creation of database for barangay residents
- Automation of office procedures
- Barangay Website
- Internet


- Annual report on financial statements, projects and programs
- Barangay profile
- Newsletters, flyers and other advisories
- Barangay handbook


- Assistance to other barangays
- Assistance to NGOs and other civic organizations
- Assistance to anti-drug and othe illegal activity campaigns
- Assistance to calamity victims
-Assistance to local and other government agencies