(Barangay Bel-Air Village Association)
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Board of Governors

The Board of Governors manages and controls the affairs of the Association. It is composed on nine (9) members who serve for a term of three (3) years. They are chosen and elected by the members of the Association during the annual general membership meeting held on the last Saturday of June of every year.

Teodoro D. Regala – President and Governor for Legal
Albert K. Suarez – Vice-President and Governor for Security
Danilo K. Dimayuga – Treasurer and Governor for Finance
Antonio Torres, Jr. – Corporate Secretary
Ricardo D. Bautista - Governor for Civil Works
Fernando M. Vitug II – Governor for Building and Business Blocks
Emilie T. Cruz – Governor for Ecology
Winda A. Bautista – Governor for Community Relations
Rico Camus – Governor for Sports and Youth
Pastor C. Pangilinan - Ex-Officio Governor
Edgar Krohn, Jr. - Community Center Cleanliness and Maintenance Sub-Committee


President and Chairman of the Board

As Chairman of the Board, he shall act as the presiding officer over all meetings of members, regular and special. He shall cast his vote on questions brought or taken up before such meeting only in case of tie.

The President shall preside over all regular or special meetings of the Board of Governors. He may cast his vote on all questions and issues brought before the Board, when necessary.

As President of the Association and Chairman of the Board, he shall exercise general supervision of the affairs of the Association and the entire Village. However, he may delegate the same, wholly or partly, to the other officers or members of the Board, in writing.

He shall represent the Association in official functions such as inter-village meetings, FORA, and other activities of similar nature. He shall execute and ensure that all the policies and decisions of the Board of Governors and those adopted in the membership meetings of the Association are properly implemented and complied with.

He shall sign and implement all contracts, agreements, documents and binding commitments entered into for and in behalf of the Association, as authorized by the Board of Governors through a general or special resolution, or other written instruments.

He shall sign and/or countersign all checks, drafts, notes and order for payment of money or against funds of the Association wherever they may be found or deposited.

He shall name or appoint all the agents and employees of the Association subject to the approval and/or revocation by the Board; provided, however, that he may dismiss or accept the resignation of all employees even without prior action by the Board.


In the absence, illness or permanent or temporary incapacity of the President, the Vice-President shall assume the powers and duties of the President.

He shall act as one of the authorized signatories of the Association of its depositary banks, and perform such other functions as may be assigned to him by the President or the Board of Governors.


As its financial officer, he shall have the custody of all the funds and properties of the Association. He shall perform all acts incidental to the position of Treasurer and financial officers of the Association, subject to the control of the Board of Governors.

He shall render an annual statement of the assets and liabilities of the Association for approval of the Board, and statement of his cash account at any time that the President or the Board of Governors may require him. He shall likewise approve all requests for payment or withdrawal prior to the issuance of checks.

Subject to the countersignature of the President, he shall sign all checks, drafts, notes or orders for the payment of money or withdrawal of the funds of the Association. He shall likewise endorse for deposit to the credit of the Association all checks, notes, drafts, bills and other commercial papers issued or delivered to the Association with such banks and financial institutions as may be designated by the Board of Governors.

He shall keep the required and proper books of accounts, and enter therein a full and accurate account of all monies and properties received and paid by him on account of the Association.

Notwithstanding the foregoing provision, the Board of Governors may name and appoint a reputable firm or entity to perform the works of the Treasurer of the Association under such terms and conditions as the Board may determine and, in which case, the appointment of a person as Treasurer of the Association may be dispensed with by the Board.

The Treasurer need not be a member of the Association.

Corporate Secretary

The Corporate Secretary shall be responsible for the proper recordation of the minutes of all meetings of the Board of Governors and Association members, including the agreements and decisions arrived at by both or either the Board of Governors and the members.

He shall also attend to the issuance of service of notices of all meetings of the members and the Board of Governors. He shall ensure that the records of correspondence and official acts of the Association are properly kept in a secured manner.

The Secretary shall also be responsible for determining a quorum during the regular or special membership meeting of the Association.

The Secretary need not be a member of the Board of Governors, or a member of the Association.

Legal Committee

The Legal Committee shall see to it that all the rulings of the Association over its residents and property owners within its jurisdiction are enforced and strictly complied with and provide legal advice when necessary. It shall likewise coordinate with the Legal Counsel regarding the status of the ongoing cases and review the pleadings prepared by the former before the same is filed with the proper court/quasi-judicial body.

The Legal Committee shall review the Retainer’s Contract between the Association and its Legal Counsel, and make the necessary recommendations before payment of any fees charged by the Legal Counsel may be made.

Security Committee

The Security Committee shall be primarily responsible for the protection of the lives and properties of property owners and residents, and of the Association as well. Along this line, it shall formulate, review and amend security policies deemed appropriate to the needs of the Village and existing times for the approval of the Board. It shall coordinate with the Barangay Bel- Air and Barangay’s Peace and Order Committee concerning security policies affecting the welfare of the entire Village as well as the logistical and financial requirements of the Security Force when necessary and with the security forces of other villages.

It shall likewise conduct scheduled or surprise ocular inspections to assess the actual security situation in the Village.

The Security Committee shall assess and evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the whole security force and recommend for the amendment, renewal or termination of the existing security contract, as the case may be.

Building/Business Blocks Committee

The Building/Business Blocks Committee shall be responsible for the implementation of the Association’s deed restrictions, and rules and regulations relative to buildings and construction work. It shall assess and evaluate if the plans of a proposed new undertaking or the renovation/repair conform to the guidelines laid down by the Association before issuing the appropriate construction or demolition work permit. It shall inspect the construction site at any time of the day, if necessary, and notify the concerned property owner or resident and contractor to correct the violation, if any.

The Building Committee shall endorse to or coordinate with the Barangay the issuance/non-issuance of a clearance, upon recommendation of the Association Engineer, necessary for securing an occupancy permit, business permit or the like particularly in the case of delinquent property owners/residents who failed to rectify their violations.
The release of the construction bond shall be approved by the Building Committee based on the report of the Association Engineer.

Civil Works Committee

The Civil Works Committee shall coordinate with the Ecology Committee of BAVA and Infrastructure Committee of Barangay to establish a clean, safe and wholesome environment of Bel-Air Village.

Every year, a maintenance program will be defined to insure that the facilities of the Village are properly functioning and aesthetically pleasing. These will include, among others, the Association’s building(s), parks, playgrounds (as well as the equipment therein), roads, drainage system, streets (including signs), sidewalks, gutters, perimeter/barrier gates, security outposts/guard house(s).

It will see to it that the maintenance program is diligently implemented, efficiently and economically.

Every year, an improvement program will be defined to upgrade the facilities of the Village; as finances of the Association will allow. Upon approval of the Board, the committee will be responsible for the implementation of the improvement program.

It shall also evaluate and consequently endorse the proper action to be taken by the Association Board applications for Right of Way by Meralco, PLDT and other utility companies (including cable companies).

Ecology Committee

The Ecology Committee shall be responsible for the preservation and maintenance of a clean environment in Bel-Air Community through its zero waste management program and beautification project, in collaboration with the Beautification and Cleanliness Committee of Barangay Bel-Air, and Civil Works Committee.

It shall conduct ocular inspection of the trees or plants prior to its cutting or trimming especially when so requested by residents, or endangers the Village resources or facilities such as sidewalks and the like, in coordination with Civil Works Committee. Through the Association’s Maintenance Consultant, the Ecology Committee shall also monitor the garbage collection activities and direct the Ecology crew on the proper care of trees and plants within the Village including the cleanliness of the streets and sidewalks. Moreover, it shall notify the owners of vacant houses/unattended properties regarding the maintenance of the same.

Community Relations and Seniors Committee

The Community Relations Committee shall espouse activities which promote the physical, mental spiritual and holistic well being of its residents, and foster camaraderie among residents and its neighboring villages. It shall also be primarily responsible for the conduct of the annual PASINAYA and bingo activities, in collaboration with the Barangay’s Social Services and Cultural Affairs Committee, and Ladies Committee.

Sports and Youth Committee

The Sports and Youth Committee shall vigorously initiate and pursue worthwhile sports and youth-oriented projects and activities, in cooperation with the Sangguniang Kabataan. It shall also review and propose the development of new facilities. It shall formulate rules and regulations for the use of the gym and basketball courts, including the upkeep of the equipment therein.

Bel-Air Village Association’s Past Presidents

Cesar A. Buenaventura

Cesar A. Bautista




Juan O. Martinez

Enrique M. Herbosa

Raul A. Boncan

Carmelo M. Caluag

Jose E. Romero, Sr.

Arsenio M. Villavicencio

Antero Sison, Jr.

Teresita R. Bocobo

Augusto C. Escueta, Jr.

Generoso V. Sancianco

Rufino R. Santos, Jr.

Generoso V. Sancianco

Enrique Abad Santos

Generoso V. Sancianco

Ramon T. Garcia

Octavio D. Fule

Constancia Q. Lichuaco

Clevio M. Squillantini

Constancia Q. Lichuaco

Victor T. Gomez, Jr.

Benjamin Bautista

Zoilo C. Lindo

Fernando M. Vitug

Horacio S. Mendoza


Edgar Krohn, Jr.

Pastor Pangilinan

Teodoro D. Regala, Sr.