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Bel-Air wins Clean and Green Award for the 8th Year in a Row!

Get your free Flu Shots

The Barangay Bel-Air Clinic's supply of 2004 anti-flu vaccine is almost depleted. If you have not visited the Clinic for your shot, please do so as soon as possible. This benefit is extended only to all Barangay Bel-Air residents who hold a current Barangay ID.

Association Security Committee Expanded

To further improve our security service, we are pleased to announce that the BAVA Security Committee has designated one resident each from the different phases of the Village as their representative to the Security Committee. The representative will ensure that the security needs of each phase are included and considered in the enforcement, formulation, review and amendment of security policies.

The composition of the Security Committee is as follows:
Chairperson - Danilo K. Dimayuga
Members - Francisco "Boy" Cervantes (Phase I)
Albert Suarez (Phase II)
Antonio Torres (Phase III)
Edward Gabaldon (Phase IV)

The residents should bring their security concerns to their respective phase representatives.

Ecology Reminder

Bel-Air Village residents who want to plant trees, shrubs and bushes on the sidewalk must first secure a permit from the Ecology Committee. Otherwise, a fine of PhP 2,000.00 will be imposed on the violator and the planted tree(s) will be removed. This is in accordance with Board Res. No. 1997-08-05, which likewise authorizes the Association's Ecology Committee to formulate guidelines and recommendations on the kind of tree that may be planted in the sidewalk.

The Ecology Committee and the Beautification and Cleanliness Committee of Barangay Bel-Air agreed to assign a specific specie of tree to plant in every Village street in the residential area for uniformity. This was done in consultation with the tree expert contracted by Barangay Bel-Air.

Report Unattended Swimming Pools of Unoccupied Houses

As you may be already aware, Bel-Air Village has been identified positive of dengue mosquitoes (Aegis egypti) by the Makati City Health Department as a result of the larvitraps placed in several houses. These mosquitoes are normally found in stagnant water, including swimming pools that are not cleaned on a regular basis.

We would like to ask for your cooperation by reporting immediately to the Association unattended swimming pools especially in vacant properties.

Street Parking of Commercial / Unattended / Unserviceable Vehicles Inside the Village is Not Allowed

The Village streets were designed for residential purposes and parking of private cars owned by residents are tolerated. Under the provisions of BAVA Board Res. No. 95-3-07, 6-wheelers, delivery trucks/panels, and commercial cars are prohibited from parking along the Village streets. These should be parked inside the garage of the owner. BAVA will report the illegal parking to MAPSA for towing if no corrective action is taken by the vehicle owner after receipt of two written notices.

Further, under BAVA Board Res. No. 1-94-01, parking of unattended/unserviceable vehicles along the Village streets is likewise not allowed. A final warning will be given to the vehicle owner before the Association will arrange for its towing at the expense of the owner.

For the record-breaking eight consecutive year, Bel-Air was proclaimed the Cleanest and Greenest Barangay, Cluster I in the City of Makati for the year 2002. For winning this award, the Barangay received PhP 125,000 and a plaque, that now sits with its seven other siblings. Can we be any more honored?

Truly, this accolade is something the entire Barangay worked hard to achieve. As an eight-time winner, Bel-Air is being inducted into the Clean and Green Hall of Fame. While this makes the Barangay ineligible for future competitions, Barangay Capt. Nene Lichauco pledges "to continue the tradition of keeping our community a wonderful oasis of green in the midst of the urban jungle."

One of the projects currently under development is the landscaping of Jupiter Street. A joint projected of Makati City Hall's Department of Environmental Services and the Barangay, the plan calls for the planting of bougainvilla plants along the perimeter of the village, while terracota pots will be placed in areas which cannot be planted on. Around 4,000 seedlings have been ordered by the Barangay for this purpose.

Bel-Air Latest Flea Market a Success

Over a hundred tables of bargain-priced items filled the Bel-Air Covered Court last September 14 for the latest flea market organized by the Food and Bazaar Committee of the Women of Bel-Air (WoBA).

It was the largest turnout yet of residents and visitors for what theWoBA hopes will be a quarterly sale of export overruns, household and food items, second-hand clothing and footwear, plants, and assorted bric-a-brac.

Brgy. Capt. Nene Lichauco, one of the founding members of WoBA, was especially glad that more than 20 residents donated their unsold items - mostly garments and clothing - to the victims of Typhoon Harurot in Isabela Province. "That's the great thing about Bel-Air," Lichauco said, "We never lack community spirit."

Mrs. Lichauco added that although this was only the second flea market organized by WoBA, the feedback from residents have been extremely positive. She said her office has been flooded with requests for more regular bazaars.

Malyne Lorayes, chairperson of the Food and Bazaar Committee of the WoBA, which spearheaded the event said that many residents were looking forward to a Christmas Bazaar next month in view of the large turnout of buyers. "It's not easy organizing something like this," Lorayes said, "but it's always a pleasure to see residents having fun together. For the next bazaar, I think the turnout will be even better."

Members of the WoBA were on hand to provide small change and plastic bags for the vendors. They also took shifts to announce the items - from second-hand magazines to cars and condo units - that were being sold.

A special section of the gym was also reserved for vendors selling cooked food, such as Indian and Filipino delicasies. Residents also sold plants and fresh vegetables by the entrance of the gym.

A Christmas Bazaar might be scheduled for the first Sunday of Advent, which falls on November 30. This would be a good time to schedule the next flea market as people are beginning to shop for Christmas gifts and preparing their homes for Christmas festivities. Brgy. Capt. Lichauco said that the Christmas Bazaar would be the perfect venue for residents to sell their homemade gift items, such as jewelry and pastries. "The fun-filled bazaar will be a good way to kick off Christmas Season."

KST holds Interaction Night

This year's Kabalikat sa Tahanan (KST) Interaction Night was held last Wednesday, September 17 at the Bel-Air Park III Covered Court. Welcoming speeches were given by Brgy. Capt. Nene Lichauco and Kgd. Jun Gomez, chair of the Cultural and Social Services Committee. The special night was hosted by Cherry Pineda and Malyne Lorayes.

All KST participants were required to join the night's affair, and show off their natural abilitiesin either singing or dancing. It was also an oportunity for them to put to practice some of the things they've been able to learn while in KST: building team spirit and camaraderie, and exerting best efforts in performing all kinds of tasks.

The night was truly a ful-filled affair that could have been a success that it was without (apart from each participant's hard work) the cooperation and involvement of all the participant's employers as well. Special thanks goes to all employers who took time out to attend the Interaction Night!

Loboc Children's Choir wins European Awards

The Loboc Children's Choir garnered two major awards at the recently concluded Europe and its Songs 6th International Folksong Choir Festival held in Barcelona, Spain from September 17 to 21. The choir earned First Prize in the Children's Choir category. The international jury likewise awarded the Choir the 2003 Cup for having achieved the highest mark, surpassing twelve other international choirs.

The audience and jury were visibly elated by the fact that it was a children's choir that beat twelve other adult choirs from Europe and the U.S.A. Both at the final program and at the closing dinner, the Loboc Children's Choir was given standing ovations.

Prior to their European trip, the Choir performed to a packed house at he Bel-Air Multi-Purpose Court. The Bel-Air residents, impressed by their performance, even passed the hat around to give the children extra "baon" for their trip.

BAVA Corporate Life Extended for Another Twenty-five Years

In the Special Membership meeting held on July 26, 2003, 673 members present in person or by proxy, constituting more than two-thirds of the members in good standing and entitled to vote, approved the extension of the corporate life of the Association by another 25 years after its expiration in August 23, 2007 or up to August 23, 2032. Thus, the residents and property owners are assured that the Bel-Air Village will remain a "gated comunity."