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Peace and Order Committee

The Barangay sponsored several training programs and seminars for both the community and the Tanods and the Bantay Bayan personnel. Listed below are some of the seminars attended by our personnel:

- Barangay at Pulisya Laban sa Krimen
- Drug Free Forum
- “Being Drug Free Starts With the Family”
- Traffic Management Control Seminar
- First Respondent Seminar (Rescue and First Aid Operation)
- Fire Fighting Seminar
- Disaster Management and Control Seminar
- Crime Monitoring Assistance
- Arnis Training

In 1998, PHP 9.8 million of the Barangay’s expenditures was earmarked for Peace and Order. Twenty Tanods and twenty Bantay Bayans are employed for this purpose. The Barangay spends PHP 2.3 million for streetlight electricity. Security equipment purchase includes seven motorcycles, four bikes, handheld radio equipment, and other accessories.

One thousand five hundred of telephone organizers containing emergency and security numbers was distributed to the Barangay community to facilitate contacting the proper authorities during emergencies.