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Social Services and Cultural Affairs Committee

Kabalikat sa Tahanan

Since 1992, Baranggay Bel-Air has been offering the Kabalikat sa Tahanan (KST) Program for househelps. The KST Programs is geared toward the development of the househelp in the Baranggay. The words “Kabalikat” and “Tahanan” connote the spirit in which this program was conceived-employer and employee working together hand-in-hand, partners not merely in sharing or “shouldering” the burden of running the house, but also in transforming that house into a home through the practice of caring, sharing, helpfulness, common courtesy, and joyful service. Thus far, KST has graduated over 600 helpers and has received very favorable feedback from both program participants and their employers. 


Community Day


To foster greater community interaction and camaraderie, Baranggay Bel-Air sponsors an annual two-day Community Day. This community event known as the Pasinaya (i.e., Thanksgiving) consisits of bazaars, foodfests, program, shows, fairs, games and competition for all ages. Through this program, the residents of Baranggay Bel-Air are given a chance to give thanks and rejoice for the blessings received from the Lord.


Community Bingo


“Bingo for a Cause” a yearly event co-sponsored by the Barangay and the Bel-Air Village Association raises funds for the barangay and the Association’s charity projects. In previous years, has beneficiaries of this activity have included the Makati City Jail Inmates, the Social Development Program of the Domestic Helpers, and several NGOs catering to the needs of Makati’s street children.


Socials for House Helps


Socials for House HelpsThe Barangay sponsors the annual Christmas party for all househelps. This program caters to the over 1,000 domestic helps residing in the Barangay.


Beautification and Cleanliness Committee


The importance that Barangay Bel-Air places on cleanliness and beautification is seen in its financial commitment. In 2001, PHP 7.5 million of the Barangay’s expenditures went into beautification and cleanliness endeavors. Twenty-three maintenance personnel are employed to keep the streets and parks clean and trimmed. Garbage collection accounts for PHP 6 million or three fourth of the expenditures for beautification and cleanliness efforts.


Clean and Green


In 2001, Barangay Bel-Air, for the seventh consecutive year, was judged the Cleanest and Greenest Barangay in Makati City. The barangay maintains its commitment to keeping Bel-Air Clean and Green through several activities including the planting of plants and shrubs in strategic locations within the Barangay, especially at the three parks within its jurisdiction: Bel-Air park 2 and 3 and Velasquez Park in Salcedo Village. The trees within the Barangay are meticulously maintained, protecting them from the effects of both the El Nino and La Nina phenomenons.


Zero Waste Management Program


In line with the Barangay’s environmental commitment, it has adopted the concept of Zero Waste Management since 1994. Through its regular Barangayan, an interactive information program designed to teach residents the 3Rs of earth care: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, awareness for the “We Recycle in Bel-Air” Program is heightened.